Monthly Archives: April 2011

march is a straight up lion.

(please read the whiny post first, and then watch the video. It will make you smile, even if it’s currently snowing outside your window. I promise.)

We all know the old saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”.  Well. I’m beginning to think it’s just something we say to ourselves in early March to get through what is certainly the most dismal month of the year. Perhaps it’s never been true for Maine. Or perhaps every year we just survive it and then block it out. A few weeks ago I thought we were entering mud season, a sloppy, inevitable time of year that generally gives way to flowers, robins and an improved mental outlook on the world.  Sadly, it proved a messy 2 day tease and now the “driveway” is a frozen mud puddle that crunches slightly as you walk across. The daffodils and lilies that poked up during said tease have not grown a fraction of an inch in the past 2 weeks and are likely just as irritated as I am about the whole thing. Continue reading