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My friend Randall Martin is a brilliant and talented individual.  He’s attended countless Tuesday dinners, always beer in hand.  He’s thrown good parties and done endless good works for Beacon.  Most importantly, however (or at least most relevant to this bit of writing), he designed my logo.  By day, and often by night, Randall is a graphic designer.

Over some Tuesday dinner last year I jokingly asked what he would do if he had to graphically represent Anne Dailey. His response was intriguing enough for me to email him the next day to tell him that I’d been thinking about it, and I was serious.  I wanted a logo.  I struggle to see myself as a business person, but I was beginning to feel that I needed to get a bit more serious about self-promotion if I were ever going to make it as a freelancer.  Ever the intuitive fellow, Randall suggested  that we barter.  He’d design a logo and I’d teach him how to cook healthy meals for himself.  No money exchange necessary – my kind of deal.

One afternoon last summer I sat down with Randall on the back porch of his beautifully restored home in Beacon to make it happen.  He asked me to describe what I do.  If you know me, you can imagine the kind of incomprehensible/semi-inspired babble that I spewed at him.  He asked a few follow up questions, showed me a few historical design concepts that he’d pulled together before I showed up, and then I left him to his work. The result is what you see in my blog header, and on the homepage of my website [www.poundsweet.net]. Each time I look at that logo I am astounded by how he was able to capture what I care about and who I am.  I think the design is beautiful, and I like to think that it is me.  If I were a rich woman i would shower work and dollars on Randall Martin.  Instead, I periodically show up in his kitchen and we cook a meal together.  The last time I was there, I promised to start posting recipes for him – he thought it might be helpful to me also, might force me to write on this blog.  I agree.  This one’s for you, Randall. May many more follow.

Chicken Thighs Braised in Ginger Beer

1 onion, sliced thin
4 chicken thighs (the best quality you can find)
3 cloves garlic
extra virgin olive oil
Sea Salt & fresh pepper
1 Reed’s Ginger Beer

1. Pour 1-2 Tbsp olive oil into a saute pan (preferably cast iron).  Once pan is warmed, add sliced onions.  Saute, stirring frequently over medium heat about 5 minutes.  Add Chicken Thighs and brown on each side – move them around enough that they don’t stick. Add salt & pepper

2.  Pour about 3/4 ginger beer into the pan and cover.  Allow to cook 15-20 minutes, or more, until chicken is cooked through.  If thighs are bone-in, it may take longer – say, 30 minutes.

3. Check on the progress of the sauce – if it’s still too liquid-ey for your taste, remove the cover and let it cook down a bit.  Probably it will be just fine.

Serve over rice.  Tonight I added some fresh broccoli about 5 minutes before it was done and just let it steam on top of the chicken (covered).  Usually I use regular beer – this recipe came to be because we were out of beer, and drinking dark & stormy’s.  Wyatt suggested using the ginger beer – I protested for about 15 minutes, until I came to terms with the fact that there was no other liquid on hand.  Luckily, it was delicious.


4 responses to “randall’s recipes

  1. whatever it takes to get you blogging, girl!
    sounds simple and yummy…i wonder how it would be with duck…? (we’re getting meat ducks this year!)

  2. you make me sound like some kinda saint-genius. People, I’m not that great! This looks doable. I’ll let you know.

  3. yum! thanks, ms. anne. i don’t cook much meat, but this looks easy and sounds great! i love ginger in anything.

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