Monthly Archives: October 2009

Life was different a week ago…

Last Sunday I was 28. I had another blog (one that, admittedly, I’d not written for since February), and I’d never had garlic poached in bacon fat.  Today I’m 29, I’ve started a new blog (this one), and on Thursday I gently poached 15 biodynamically grown garlic cloves in rich, savory bacon fat from a pastured pig.


I hope that the garlic (which, incidentally, was smeared on toast and then drizzled with the garlic infused fat) propels me into my 29th year with renewed enthusiasm and vigor for sharing my thoughts, experiences, hopes and meals via this humble little bloggit.  I struggle sometimes to understand why anyone would want to read about the simple happenings of my life, but my friends assure me that they do, so I’ll give it another go.  Here’s hoping that my next post appears before my 30th birthday. Continue reading